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As I've said elsewhere, the points assigned to each prompt is sort of arbitrary and, in fact, I've wibbled about posting it because I'm sure people will have differing ideas on what's complicated and what isn't. Just remember that the whole points thing is a nice little way to push yourself if you like competitions and not the end all and be all of the challenge.

Points will be awarded based on the prompt you choose to list as the primary prompt.

Prompt One: Remix the story through a POV shift. (1 point)
Prompt Two: Remix by adding something to the beginning of the story. (1 point)
Prompt Three: Remix by adding something to the end of the story. (1 point)
Prompt Four: Remix by adding or subtracting scenes from the story. (1 point)
Prompt Five: Remix by changing the style or feel of the story. (1 point)
Prompt Six: Remix by changing the order of events, either in the re-telling of the story or actually changing the causality in-fic. (2 points)

Prompt Seven: Remix the story structurally/in a different format (2 points)
Prompt Eight: Remix a drabble into a longer story of at least 500 words. (2 points)
Prompt Nine: Remix a story of at least 500 words or longer into to a drabble. (2 points)
Prompt Ten: Remix a specific scene from a fic into a stand alone fic. (2 points)
Prompt Eleven: Remix a relationship story into a gen story. (3 points)
Prompt Twelve: Remix a gen story into a relationship story. (3 points)
Prompt Thirteen: Remix by changing the pairing of a ship story in some way. (2 points)

Prompt Fourteen: Remix by changing some aspect of one or more characters' sexuality (2 points)
Prompt Fifteen: Remix by changing the sex and/or gender of one or more character (2 points)
Prompt Sixteen: Remix by Racebending (2 points)
Prompt Seventeen: Remix by changing the age of one or more characters. (2 points)
Prompt Eighteen: Remix by bringing background characters forward (3 points)

Prompt Nineteen: Remix the same story in a different genre (3 points)
Prompt Twenty: Remix by turning a canon story into an AU, or an AU story into a canon based story (2 points)
Prompt Twenty-One: Remix one kind of AU into another (3 points)
Prompt Twenty-Two: Remix the story into a fusion or a crossover (3 points)
Prompt Twenty-Three: Remix by changing the story's location (2 points)

Prompt Twenty-Four: Remix using two or more prompts from the list (1 point + the points from the other prompts)
Prompt Twenty-Five: Remix by doing a mashup of two or more elements from two or more fics by the same author (3 points)
Prompt Twenty-Six: Remix the story in a different fandom (2 points)
Prompt Twenty-Seven: Remix the story as crackfic or remix crackfic into a serious story (3 points)
Prompt Twenty-Eight: Remix the story in a way not listed here. (Optional) (3 points)
Prompt Twenty-Nine: Remix one of your own stories into an original fic. (2 points)

In addition to the points for each prompts, there are bonus points for using the same story more than once, using the same prompt more than once and completing the entire list of prompts.

Bonus Points:

1 extra point each time (after the first time) you remix the same story
1 extra point each time (after the first time) you use the same prompt
28 additional points for completing all prompts aside from Prompt 28, which is optional.

So say I happen to love [personal profile] helens78's story "Curious About Leather." (Which, you know, I totally do!)

The first time I remix it I use Prompt Four, so I get the number of points that prompt is worth. 1 point.
The second time I remix it I use Prompt Twenty-One, so I get the number of points that prompt is worth plus an extra point for using the same story more than once. 2 points + 1 point = 3 points
But wait! I look at the fic yet again and realize that I can do something different to it using Prompt Four. This time I get the number of points the prompt is worth, plus one point for using the story again, plus one point for using the prompt a second time. 1 point + 1 point + 1 point = 3 points.

Those extra points don't stack, so you can use the same story 5 times and still only get one point each time you use it.

So, for example, if for some reason I found a third way to remix the same story using Prompt Four, I'd still only get the one point for the prompt, only one extra point for reusing the story and only one extra point for reusing the prompt. 1 point + 1 point + 1 point = 3 points.

Calculating points for Prompt Twenty-Four. Prompt Twenty-Four is the "use two or more prompts" one so it's a little complicated. But say I take a new fic and remix it for Prompt Twenty-Four using Prompts One, Four, and Twenty-One. I get the 1 point Prompt Twenty-Four is worth. I also get the points for the three prompts I used. 1 point (prompt 1) + 1 point (prompt 4) + 3 points (prompt 21) + 1 point (prompt 24) = 6 points.

Obviously most of your remixes will qualify for Prompt Twenty-Four, but let's try to stick to the spirit of the challenge, okay?

I've probably made some kind of mistake here. If so, PM me please.

Also, please remember to tag your fics with the name of the original author. Thanks!


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