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Title: death is a secret (a condition of peace remix)
Author: [profile] lady_krysis/[ profile] lady_krysis
Fandom: X-Men: First Class
Pairing: Alex/Armando
Rating: R
Disclaimer: I do not own X-Men: First Class or any of its characters or settings, and I am not making any money from this fanwork.
Original Story: depend on something that's new by [ profile] lady_krysis
Primary Prompt: 1 (also used prompts 2, 3, 4, and 24)
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Title: Melting
Fandom: NCIS
Rating: T
Pairing: f/f, Toni/Ziva (genderbending prompt)
Content Advisory:mentions of domestic abuse, the aftermath of Truth and Consequence and a hell of a lot of fucked-up.
Original Story: Never Cold by [ profile] injured_eternity.
Primary Prompt: 14, 15, 24

AO3 | DW
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Title: The Curve of the World
Fandom: NCIS
Rating: T, gen
Content Advisory: Ziva David's biography has a lot of death and betrayel in it.
Original Story: Never Cold by [ profile] Voleuse, with the author's permission.
Primary Prompt: 07

AO3 | DW
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Title: Drabble: Aral Vorkosigan's Spy.
Author: [personal profile] lannamichaels
Fandom: Vorkosigan Saga
Rating: G
Warnings: No warnings apply. Original fic contains graphic depictions of violence and rape/non-con, as well as canonical character death.
Disclaimer: I don't own the Vorkosigan Saga universe. I don't make any money from this.

Original Fic: Aral Vorkosigan's Dog by [ profile] philomytha (76356 words). Philomytha gives blanket permission for her works to be remixed.
Primary Prompt: Prompt Nine: Remix a story of at least 500 words or longer into to a drabble.

Summary: The chip's view of the world. Drabble remix for [community profile] remix_goes_wild.

On Archive Of Our Own

On dreamwidth
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Title: All Hope
Fandom: Power Rangers in Space
Rating: T, gen
Content Advisory: dark themes, nothing explicit, ends well
Original Story: Lessons by walutahanga, with the author's permission.
Primary Prompt: 03

At AO3, or below

It's the Black Ranger's job to deal in shadows and secrets. Carlos takes that to an extreme. )
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Title: Cthulhu Shoes or The MiniParker Remix of The Mysterious Deaging of Elliot Spencer
Author:  Vera
Fandom: Leverage
Rating: PG-13
Original Story: The Mysterious Deaging of Elliot Spencer by James
Primary Prompt: 17 (yes, I used the age prompt on a fic that already contained de-aging...what?)

Also at A03.

Click here for miniParker.  )
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Title: We Happy Few (the silken twine remix)
Author: [personal profile] copracat
Fandom: Torchwood
Rating: G
Original Story: We Happy Few by [personal profile] hope
Primary Prompt: 9

I told [personal profile] hope I would remix prompt 9 her longest story.
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Title: Is This What You Do When You Think of Me?
Author: [personal profile] fangirlism
Fandom: None. Fic is in my original Boys Sensation verse.
Pairing: Aidan Emory/Lucas Decker (original characters)
Rating: NC-17
Contains: Phone sex, but between characters who are both above age of consent in the setting of the fic.
Original Story: "Sexy Call" by [personal profile] fangirlism/[ profile] aeiouna
Primary Prompt: 29

Also on Fictionaut.

Mods, I don't know what to do about a fandom tag on this one, since it's origfic. Want me to tag it as "fandom: popslash" (the fandom of the original fanfic)?
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Title: Of Youth (the morning calm remix)
Author: [personal profile] charybdis
Fandom: Pirates of the Caribbean/Star Trek (AOS) crossover
Pairing: Spock/Uhura
Rating: PG
Original Story: Young in Heart by [ profile] sinngrace (snowynight)
Primary Prompt: #16 (racebending)
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Title: All the Time In the World
Author: Hagar
Fandom: Criminal Minds
Pairing: gen
Rating: teen (for a hell of a lot of death)
Content Advisory: euthanasia, suicide
Original Story: This Is Going To Hit You by [ profile] bessemerprocess
Primary Prompt: #28

At AO3, or below:

Emily is dead, but that doesn't mean she's gone. )
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Title: Nothing to Lose by Trying
Author: Hagar
Fandom: NCIS
Pairing: gen
Rating: all audiences
Original Story: Impossible Things by [ profile] merfilly
Primary Prompt: #26

At AO3, or below:

She was going to die, but that didn't mean she had to lose. )
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Title: Imaginary (The Pain is Real Remix)
Author: Bat ([personal profile] hamimi_fk, aka [ profile] BatchSan)
Fandom: Nana
Pairing: Nana/Hachi, Nana/Ren, Takumi/Hachi
Rating: PG
Contains: Angst.
Original Story: Pipe Dreams by [ profile] Kyuuketsukirui
Primary Prompt: 7
A/N: This is literally a song fic that is, in fact, a song. I used Evanescence's 'Imaginary' as a basis for the lyrics (and recommend you listening to the song to get the full effect of my lyrics below and it also fits well with the feel of the original fic, hence why I chose it). I am by no means a song writer so I apologize if this seems so-so.

Imaginary )
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Title: Things Fall Apart (The Center Cannot Hold Remix)
Author: [personal profile] sholio
Fandom: Highlander
Pairing: gen
Rating: R
Word Count: 2300
Contains: one scene of graphic violence; references to canon sexual assault
Original Story: Sands of Time by [ profile] keerawa
Primary Prompt: 8 (remix a drabble into a longer story)
Summary: The millennium is upon them, and Cassandra's in the fight of her life ... again. Takes place between seasons five and six.

It begins with a dream, as things often do.
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Title: How One Becomes What One Is (Behind The Mask Remix)
Author: [personal profile] helens78/[ profile] helens78
Fandom: due South
Characters/Pairing: Benton Fraser/Ray Kowalski, Ray Kowalski/Stella Kowalski
Rating: Explicit
Word Count: 3676
Original Story: Whatever Doesn't Kill You by [ profile] helens78
Primary Prompt: #1 (POV shift)

How One Becomes What One Is (Behind The Mask Remix)
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Title: Fury (Heart Ache Remix)
Author: Bat ([personal profile] hamimi_fk aka, [ profile] BatchSan)
Fandom: Gravitation
Characters/Pairing: Hiro, Yuki | Yuki/Shuichi
Rating: PG
Contains: Angst
Word Count: 100
Original Story: Hell to Pay by [ profile] SwordofRebecca
Primary Prompt: 9

Eiri wanted to vomit at the sound of Hiro's words. )
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Russian Roulette: The Thought of War Blows My Mind Mash-Up (3779 words) by favicontwtd
Fandom: Pundit RPF (US), Good Omens - Neil Gaiman & Terry Pratchett
Rating: Mature
Warning: Graphic Depictions Of Violence
Relationships: Rachel Maddow/War
Original Story: The Making of Liath Macha and Hangman's Game by [personal profile] bessemerprocess
Primary Prompt: 25


Rachel takes risks like she breathes, easily and without thought. She's been shot four times in the course of her career. He's only been shot once, and he's been at this for almost fifteen more years than she has. He's getting too old to do the crazy shit Rachel drags them into. -Hangman's Game, [personal profile] bessemerprocess

At my journal through the fake cut, or at the AO3 through the link at the top.


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