Mar. 31st, 2011

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Some Links first:

How It All Works

Please note, there's been a slight change to the rules about what fics may be remixed. You may remix a fic by someone who has not offered their fic on the comm, provided you obtain permission and note that you've obtained that permission in your author's notes.

Also, the points system is under revision. More on that when we've figured it out.

How to Post a Completed Remix

The Prompt List

As you sign up, remember that you do not need to opt out of Prompt 29.

And now, the moment you've all been waiting for. Please fill out our little form here and post it in the comments. Remember, you do not have to opt out of any prompts nor do you have to declare a safe story.

Name/User Name
Are you signing up as a writer?
Are you offering your fic for remixing?
(if so)
List fandoms you're offering
Where can we find your fic?
List up to three remix prompts you'd like to opt out of:
Name and link to your safe story, if you have one:

There's no real deadline on the sign-ups, however the more people who sign up soon to offer fic, the better!

The list of writers offering fic will go up tomorrow and will be added on to daily.


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