Mar. 28th, 2011

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Remix Goes Wild is a low pressure, long term, non-exchange remix challenge that allows you to remix your own fic as well as fic written by others. Using a set up based very loosely on the old table challenges, the challenge will be to do different types of remixes based on a list of remix prompts. In other words, you take Story A and remix it by changing the POV and then move on to Story B and remix it by adding a missing scene and then move on to Story C and...well you get the idea.

In addition to the goals listed above, the idea of this challenge is to push the boundaries of what constitutes a remix. How far can you change a story before it is no longer a remix of the original but a story very similar to the original? The prompts were designed with that in mind and also with the hope that people will have fun with them.

Your mods are [personal profile] telesilla and [personal profile] torachan.

How it all works )

Questions on the rules? This is the place to ask.


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